Jon Seeman was born in Laguna Beach, California, but his career was born in Hollywood. Shortly after opening his Laguna art studio in 1979, a gallery sold his 10 foot high sculpture titled “Pierced Arc” to a well known movie maker. Movie stars and movie makers took notice of his large-scale steel sculptures and became his first collectors.

“This exhibition is a stunner. The symmetry and elegance of the individual works, placed so as to also dialog with each other, creates a free flowing show.”
Liz Goldner, Art Scene

As part of an “artistic family” with a mix of inventors, engineers, and artists in his ancestry. He has art in his DNA. He completed his first steel sculpture at age fifteen. In his early twenties he moved from the small artist community to Manhattan, NY to become immersed in the art world. Seeman apprenticed with several artisans learning the skills he needed before moving back to Laguna to start his own art studio and continue advanced art education. The goal was to become an artist with an unprecedented aesthetic.

“Seeman’s precise construction in itself is a work of art”
(Ross Watkins – gallery owner)

The structural integrity of steel has given Seeman the ability to create interactive compositions with a dynamic sense of suspension.  “I design without regard to gravity which in turn provides me with the welcome challenges of fabrication.” Seeman constantly invents innovative construction techniques that allow him to exemplify forms in play with implied motion.

Even with ever growing demand with collectors worldwide, many cities and corporations have commissioned Seeman to design, engineer and construct high visibility public sculptures.

” The engaging forms of Jon Seeman’s sculpture defy gravity and convey a sense of motion frozen in time.”
(Alan Abraham – Executive Art Director, Capital One Bank)