February 21,1951 Laguna Beach, California


Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California, 1997
University of California Irvine, Fine Arts, Irvine, California, 1984-1986


2016 Arc Suspension – City of Pleasanton Cultural Arts Center, Black Ave., CA

10’h x 4’w x 3’6”d, stainless steel

2015 In Flight – Lyon Properties, Inc. S Main Street, Santa Ana, CA

14’h x 6’w x 6’d, stainless steel

2014 “M” and Descending Cubes – Lyon Properties, Inc. MacArthur Blvd, Santa Ana, CA

         12’h x 12’w x 1’2”d, steel, acrylic polyurethane

2013 Into the Light – Lee Properties, Inc. Fountain Plaza,Cerritos, CA

         13’h x 6’6”w x 2’6”d, stainless steel

2012  Towering – Regional Properties, Inc. Citrus Tower – University Ave, Riverside, CA

           20’h x 6’4”w x 3’d, steel, stainless steel, acrylic polyurethane

2011  Time Continuum Ventura West Developers  Innovation Park Drive, Tucson, AZ

           15’h x 14’w x 11’d, steel, stainless steel, enamel paint

2010  Spiral Motion III – City of Pleasanton Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton, CA

          6’h x 2’3”w x 2’1”d, steel, patina

2010  Spiral Suspension City of Riverside Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA

          19’h x 6’w x 6’d, stainless steel

2010  Breaching Whale City of Laguna Beach Heisler Park, Laguna Beach, CA

          19’h x 7’6”w x 8’2”d, stainless steel, cor-ten steel, glass

2010  Elements in Motion Irvine Valley College Campus Center, Irvine, CA

           11’10”h x 7’6”w x 3’10”d, steel, enamel paint

2009  High Flying – City of Laguna Beach Bluebird Canyon Rd., Laguna Beach, CA

          15’h x 25’7”w x 2’d, stainless steel, acrylic polyurethane

2009  Feng Shui 2 – Ford Properties, Inc. Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert, CA

          7’h x 2’1”d x 1’6”d, steel, stainless steel, acrylic polyurethane

2008  Spiral Motion 2 – Concordia University Administration, 2nd Fl. – Irvine, CA

         6’h x 2’10”w x 1’10”d, steel, automotive lacquer

2008 The Lecture – City of Redlands Spectrum Center – Redlands, CA

         10’h x 6’9”w x 3’5”d, steel, Acrylic Polyurethane

2008 Descending – City of Downey Firestone Blvd. – Downey, CA

         7’3”h x 2’10”w 1’6”d – steel, acrylic polyurethane

2008 Focal Point – MoneyGuidePro Technologies Blvd. – Midlothian, VA

         12’h x4’w x 4’d- steel, acrylic polyurethane

2008 Contained Energy Surgery Center Carmanita St, Cerritos, CA

         6’3”h x 3’4”w x 3’9”d, steel, patina

 2007 Arc Passage Two – Pacific Development Group South Coast Plaza, Santa Ana, CA

         7’4”h x 6’6”w x 3’4”d, steel, zinc, faux patina

2007 Captured Motion – Desert Business ParkWashington Blvd., Palm Desert, CA

         14’h x 8’3”w x 3’2”d, steel, acrylic polyurethane

2007 Haydn Concerto – Marriott Hotel Sycamore Dr.,Norwalk, CA

         6’5”h x 4’w x 3’d,steel, automotive lacquer

2006 Vortex – Private Corporation altered finish and location, Dallas, TX

         10’h x 9’5”w x 5’2”d, steel, zinc, patina

2006 Rotating – Festival of Arts Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA

         7’6”h x 4’4”w x 3’7”d, steel, patina

2006 Descending Spheres Villa Bellissima Cabo San Lucas, Baja CA, Mexico

         22’h x 4’6”w x 4’6”d, enamel paint

2005 Balancing Forms – City of La Quinta Civic Center, La Quinta, CA

         6’h x 2’4”w x 2’d, steel, patina

2005 Arc Passage – Shaw Properties, Inc. Town Center Mall, Yucca Valley, CA

         6’4”h x 6’6”w x 3’4”d, steel, automotive lacquer

2005 Traversed Energy – SR Construction Spanish Ridge Park, Las Vegas, NV

         6’4”h x 4’2”w x 2’10”d,– Steel, Patina

2004 Rotating – Wall Street West Highway 111, Indian Wells, CA

         7’6”h x 4’4”w x 3’7”d – Steel, Automotive Lacquer

2003 Synergy – Atlantic Richfield Co. Cook Street, Palm Desert, CA

         10’h x 7’10”w x 4’8”d – steel, patina

2002 Pierced Arc – KingWorld Productions Los Angeles, CA

         10’h x 8’w x 3’d, steel, enamel paint

2001 Engaging Curve – Triad Development Town Center Dr., Las Vegas, NV

         16’5” x 10’w x 4’6”d steel, copper coating, patina

1999 Merging Forms – California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA

         8’h X 7’w x 3’d, stainless steel, wood, lacquer

1998 Power of Knowledge – The Japan-U.S. Educational Commissions Tokyo, Japan

         22”h x 14”w x 7”d, wood, steel, lacquer

1998 Don Henley Library Project – Thoreau Institute, Walden Pond, MA

         16 pieces 18”h x 46”w x 2”d, mounted wall panels


Petersen Publishing Company,Los Angeles, California, New York, New York

Forbes & Manhattan U.S.,Beverly Hills, California, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chart House Inc., Corporate Office, Solana Beach, California

Fluor Daniel Corporation, Irvine, California

Healthcare Affiliates Inc., Laguna Hills, California

Hotel Laguna, Laguna Beach, California

McGillivray Freeman Films, Laguna Beach, California

Mercedes Benz Corporation, Los Angeles, California

Pacific Coast Eye Center Inc., Beverly Hills, California

Fluidmaster Inc., Anaheim, California

The Pacific Company, Irvine, California

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Laguna Niguel, California

RBB Architects Inc., Los Angeles, California


2017 Art Beijing Simard Bilodeau Gallery, Beijing, China

2016 LA Art Show Simard Bilodeau Gallery, LA, CA

2016 Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai World Expo, China

2015 Full Suspension Ramey Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2014 Opening Exhibit Chrysalis Gallery, South Hampton, NY

2014 Rotating Public Art Exhibition Berthoud, CO

2013 City Selected Sculpture Display Green River, WY

2012 Art Basel Masterpiece Gallery, Miami, FL

2012 Rotating Public Art Exhibition Washington Street,Pasadena, CA

2011 Captured Motion Marion Meyer Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA

2010 El Paseo Invitational Cityof Palm Desert, CA

2010 Emotional Emersion Marion Meyer Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA

2009 Synergy Nikko Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2008 Top 25 Wells Fargo, Laguna Beach, CA

2007 Zero Gravity Nikko Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2006 Sculpture International Port of San Diego, CA

2006 Spring Exhibition TRE Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2005 Juried Open Topanga Canyon Gallery, Topanga, CA

2004 Opening Reception Laguna Art Museum Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2003 Spring Exhibition Windsor Gallery, Dania, FL

2002 12th National Exhibition Viridian Artists, New York, NY

2002 Mood & AtmosphereSeaside Gallery, Laguna Niguel, CA

2001 International Competition 2001Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL

2001 Seeman/TaylorGallery Blu, Palm Desert, CA

2000 National Exhibit Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA

2000 What is Art Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

2000 Seeman/ZivaniGallery Blu, Palm Desert, CA

2000 California Open RegionalValley Institute of Visual Art, Northridge, CA

1999 On and Off the Wall Ross Watkins Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

1999 Echoes and Visions III Community Center, Laguna Niguel, CA

1998 Feast on ArtOrange County Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA

1998 Mixed MediaSheraton Grande Hotel, La Jolla, CA

1997 Opening ExhibitionArtissimo Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

1996 Of Steel and Wood Northwind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1995 Fall Exhibition Atmosphere Gallery, Soho, NY

1994 Hand in SpiritLaguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

1993 Dreamers, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

1990 California 1990Brea Cultural Center,  Brea, CA

1989 Designer’s ExhibitionNiedermaier Showroom, Chicago, IL

1988 Westweek Show Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

1987 National InvitationalSouth Florida Art Center, South Beach, FL

1986 Pacific Collection Showcase Gallery, Kona, HA

1980 -1985 Festival of Arts Laguna Beach, CA


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